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Goddess Tara who protects eight dangers

This wooden shrine relief fragment depicted Goddess Tara who protects eight dangers comes from today's Himachal Pradesh.
Sanskrit 'Ashtamahabhaya' refers to the eight great fears from which she offers sanctuary: lions, snakes, thieves, enslavement, yakshas, shipwreck, fire, and rampaging elephants. These are carved at left and right sides of Goddess Tara. Thus, this form is known as Ashtamahabhaya Tara.
The Ashtamahabhaya iconography first appears in conjunction with Avalokitesvara imagery in rock-cut sanctuaries in western India. The architectural style of the shrine setting is similar to extant temples in Himachal Pradesh, allowing this image to be dated to the tenth or eleventh century AD.
This precious antique is now part of the collection of Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Tara holding kumuda

The female figure probably Goddess Tara holding kumuda (white lotus) and a flower. Bas-relief of lower outer wall of 8th century AD Borobudur, Central Java, Indonesia

Goddess Tara image from Bhot Bagan Math

This is the famous Goddess Tara image from Bhot Bagan Math, probably the first Tibetan monastery in Calcutta, India, now in ruins, built by 3rd Panchen Rinpoche Lobsang Palden Yeshe in 1776 AD. It was stolen in 2007. The authority was able to recover it.

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Om Jetsun Ma PagMa Drölma La ChagTsäl Lo. 
Om! In front of the Supreme and Superior Liberator, I prostrate.
ChagTsäl DrolMa TARE PaMo - TUTTARA Yi DjigKun SelMa 
I prostrate in front of Tara TARE the Heroic - By TUTTARA all the fear are eliminated
TURE DönNam TamTchä TerMa - SOHA YiGer TchäLa RabDü 
TURE grant the entire comprehension - (With) SOHA I greet with reverence the letters (of the Mantra).
This come from a time when Incomparable Noble Lord, Palden Atisha, in a province of Nyethang, being sick, had requested Arya Tara to obtain a method in order to remain in good health. The Venerable Tara said to do every day ten thousand prayers to Tara in twenty-one praise. Like this it has been professed. Jowo Atisha said in one day he was not able to do so and did the request to get an other method. Like this it has been said. In response, with lot of benediction, Arya Tara has transmitted directly this prayer to Tara highly condensed.
Picture: Jowo Atisha's Talking Tara from Nyethang Drolma Lhakhang (that I have posted earlier).

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