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Tara Day Benefits of and Reasons for Seeking White Tara InitiationYou might have obstacles in your life that could cause your untimely death. If the obstacles are due to your good karma and merit being exhausted, then in order to prolong your life now and to have longevity in future lives, you need to practice powerful ways to collect a lot of merit, such as taking long life initiations, reciting the mantras of long life deities, saving the lives of animals and people, offering medicine to people and taking care of sick people, offering food, clothing and shelter to the poor people.lf the obstacles in your life and untimely death are due to negative karma, the solution is to purify it. You can also make butter lamp (light) offerings to the Triple Gem. Butter lamp offerings help you develop Dharma wisdom and clairvoyance due to their nature of dispelling the darkness around holy objects.White Tara is extremely powerful. Tara is very close to sentient beings, like a mother to her children. She is very quick to fulfill our wishes and to grant us happiness and a long life, as well as to help us develop wisdom. By taking refuge in Tara and practicing meditation, visualizations, and having faith, you have the power to remove obstacles to your life and to prolong your life.
- Karma Lodro Gyatso



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“Whatever living beings there may be — feeble or strong, long, stout, or of medium size, short, small, large, those seen or those unseen, those dwelling far or near, those who are born as well as those yet to be born — may all beings have happy minds.”

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TARA SEC. 10/11


Tara from North Eastern India, 10th or 11th century, Pala dynasty

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 Exalted Goddess, Mother Tara, you dwell within the mother, the unborn sphere of phenomena. Giver of ease to all sentient beings, please protect me from every peril!

Mother Goddess, please protect sentient ones who wander in cyclic existence - my mothers whose minds have fallen under the sway of afflictions and do not recognise that they themselves are Dharmakaya.
Authentic Mother Goddess, please protect those in whose minds Dharma has not sincerely arisen - those who, following after (mere) expressions, have been deceived by base doctrines.
Mindful Mother Goddess, please protect those distracted by evil activities - those who, having seen the natural mind, so difficult to comprehend, do not habituate it.
Goddess of Nondual Mind, please protect those who, no matter what they do, are bound by the mental imprints of dualistic grasping at the mind that is self-arisen non-dual wisdom.
Omniscient Mother Goddess, please protect those ignorant of the meaning of knowable things - those who, though having dwelt in the true meaning, are not aware of the dependent relations of cause and effect.
Perfect Mother Buddha, please protect those beings - disciples who still (do not see) that all things, endowed with the attribute of unelaborate space, are inseparable therefrom.

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Dharma Protector of the Drikung Kagyu tradition
Achi Chokyi Drolma (Tib. A-chi Chos-kyi sGrol-ma) is a female Dharma protector (Tib. Dharmapala) whose practice was introduced by Drikung ('Bri-gung) Achi, the matriarch of the Drikung hereditary lineage. She is white-coloured and is portrayed riding a blue horse, she holds a double-sided drum in the upraised right hand and a skullcup in the left held to the heart.
Achi Chokyi Drolma's aspect is peaceful, not wrathful, as with many Dharma protectors. A great Tantric practitioner and a great teacher she taught many students. She once conducted a sacramental feast (Tib. Chöd) transforming a human corpse into a sacred offering. At that time she vowed to be a protector of Buddhism, composing a liturgy for invoking herself as a protector deity. Upon completion of the verses, she flew into the air on the back of a blue horse and departed for a Buddhist heaven, or Pure Land.