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Tara is an ordinary deity.

The extraordinary one is Samvara.
It is said that with him,
Our success is extremely close.
This comes from the statements of the highest gurus.
They say that Tara and other such deities
Are gods for working toward ordinary siddhis,
While Hevajra, Samvara, and other such deities
Let us achieve a supreme status.
The eight Iśvaras were described by Candrakirti
In a different presentation,
This is certainly true,
But the purity of the eight hand signals,
As I have heard it from the lips of Mitup Dawa,
Is said to be that:
“Earth is first. Jewel Giver is last.”
What this means is that there are eight empowerments
For the elements, the sun, the moon, life, and jewels,
And these are the eight Iśvaras.
When it says: “The three yogas in which we place our selves,”
The self is the practitioner himself.
We believe that yoga is samadhi,
So when we clear away obstacles to developing samadhi
We are said to be protecting our yoga.
The place is the area we are doing our practice.
As a method for illuminating our divine visualization
We must accustom ourselves to the deity’s physical attributes,
Such as the eyes.
When we study this, paint it, and so on,
We envision them to be forms that appear in a mirror,
And we meditate that we are like them.
Gradually, our visualizations will become clear.
You must learn of this in fullness from other sources.
Written by Chogyal Phagpa (1235-1280)
Translated from the Tibetan by Chris Wilkinson
© All rights reserved

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