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 Pharping, visiting two sacred caves, Tara Temple, and three monasteries related from Chokling Tersar and Dudjom Tersar lineages.

Here is the most famous shrine - the Tara Temple. It's a shrine containing two self arisen small images of Tara on the side of a self arisen hugh image of Ganesha. This shrine is not only sacred to Buddhists but also to Hindus as well.

The Self Arisen Tara on the right is the oldest and most clearest. Many people had witnessed this Self Arisen Tara secreting holy nectar on numerous occasions over the past three decades, this is an indication of Tara's holy presence there. The Self Arisen Tara on the left is slowly revealing herself. If you compared the photos taken in 80s, 90s and present, you will discover that, over the years, both Self Arisen Taras have continued to emerge with greater clarify and definition.

Recognising the sacred and auspicious nature of such a treasure, Drubthob Rinpoche, who first discovered the first Self Arisen Tara in 1979, established a temple enshrining the rock shrine. Around these Self Arising Tara images, Rinpoche had enshrined handmade statues of the 21 Taras. Daily chanting of the Tara puja is conducted at the temple for the benefit and protection of all sentient beings.

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