domingo, 18 de fevereiro de 2018


At the moment we are all sentient beings. We don’t have freedom or power since we don’t have control over our own situation and circumstances. This is because we are under the power of delusion.
The root and source of delusion is ‘I’. When there is ‘I’, then there is ‘others’, and from ‘self’ and ‘others’ derive an infinite number of deluded perceptions and ideas. The thought of 'I' is based on or imputed on our body, speech and mind. The body appears as a physical form. Speech is the appearance of sounds that can be heard. But mind does not appear. Still, based on their constant interaction, it kind of appears.
The method to bring this delusion under control is to liberate it. Once it is liberated, it is brought under control. In particular, the main target is the mind, because mind is the main actor from among body, speech and mind. Mind itself does not appear, yet this invisible agent keeps under its control the aspects that appear – forms and sounds.
~ Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche's "Magnetizing Activity – What Is It? How To Practise It?"